Our beers

Our products are truly hand-made and all-natural, produced in very small batches. Batch sizes can vary typically between 300 and 900 litres. Due to the low-tech and traditional methods we use, variation from batch to batch is possible. Several of these products we make on a continuous basis, while others are single-batch experiments or seasonal products of limited release.

All our products are unfiltered and totally free of preservatives. We naturally carbonate through secondary fermentation inside the bottle, which leaves harmless sediment that we typically recommend to leave behind while decanting your beer into a glass.

Bottle conditioning can help preserve the beer for up to many years. Being a live product the flavour profile can at times fluctuate as the yeast continues to do its work in the early stages, and as flavour compounds mellow and marry in later stages of the product’s life. Though cellaring times can vary from batch to batch, typically our lighter, paler ales should last for one to three years from production, while the darker and stronger ales can continue to improve in flavour for three to five or even ten years or more.

Main range

Seasonal release

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