Our Story

Robe Town Brewery is a unique little brewery nestled away in the backstreets of Robe, down on the pristine Limestone Coast of South Australia.

Our passion for creativity and enjoyment of life has lead us to establishing a venue that combines our love for art, music, good vibes, and of course great beer.

We have lots of fun creating all kinds interesting beers. From easy-drinking crowd-pleasers, hoppy beers, and red ales, to stouts, sour beers and the rare and wonderful, we usually have well over 20 different unique brews on offer, many of which are available only at our brewery taproom.

When Robe Town Brewery took its first shape back in 2012, Maris took his life-long passion for brewing, creating and experimenting to the next level. Having a deep interest in traditional and historic brewing methods lead him to create a brewery that is unique in the entire world. To make our beers and ales, malt is mashed in oak-barrel mash tuns and filtered through hay. The extract is then vigorously boiled on a real wood fire in our custom-built wood-fired kettle. Non-refrigerated fermentation in tanks of up to 1000 litres, giving the yeast extra time to finish doing its thing is the next step in the process (Yes, it rarely gets too hot in Robe). Most of our beers then undergo secondary fermentation in kegs or in the bottle for natural carbonation - this also helps to preserve the beer and improve the flavours. Where possible we value the use of locally sourced and foraged ingredients. Our beer is made from rainwater which we harvest from the roof. Renewable timber fuel for the boil kettle and solar panels cover almost all our energy needs.

Robe Town Brewery gets its name from as far back as 1869, when a prominent citizen of Robe, George Lord Snr., first established the original Robe Town Brewery and served locally-made ale at his old Frankfort Hotel, later known as the Criterion Hotel.
Since October 2019 we have been operating at our current premises (10 White street in the makers hub/industrial area of Robe) where we can offer up to 100 people a truly unique cellar door/taproom experience.

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